The ODCSC is held every year since 2000 on
  Fathers Day weekend. Pro and Sem-Pro Carvers
  come from all over the United States and the
  World to compete in this competition.

2010 2nd Place - Pro, Mark Colp

Oregon Chainsaw Championships
Carvers start with logs to compete

2010 Corvette Show Winner
1st Place
Jerry & Susanne Weston
Roseburg, OR

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Reedsport, Oregon

Image taken from the movie "Shoot 'em up"

"Fathers Day Weekend. June 16 - 19, 2011

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Carvers Start With Blank Logs

Every carver shooses their blanks to carve for the weekend

Every carver choose's their blanks to carve for the weekend

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Carvers Come From Many Countries

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UK, Japan, Australia, Germany and the United States are represented


Carving, want to know more?

What is the “quick carve”?
The “quick carve” is a timed mini-contest. In lieu of an entry fee for the event, the artists are required to do a carving that will be auctioned off. The artists have just 90 minutes to carve from start to finish. Finished sculptures are taken to the auction tent and will be on display until the auction. At the end of the day, these pieces are auctioned off.

Why is the “quick carve” so popular?
The reason so many people come during this portion of the event is because there is a lot happening in a short period of time. The main event takes place over four days, versus just 90 minutes allotted for the “quick carves.” It’s fun watching a sculptor take a raw log and create a wonderful finished piece in such a short amount of time.

What species of wood is used?
Most of the really large white colored wood you see on display is Sitka spruce. The darker colored red woods you see is most likely western red cedar or redwood.

Are the Master Carvings for sale?
The big sculptures are the property of the artists who created them. Most of the carvings are for sale. The prices vary, so it is best to talk directly with the carver about a piece that interests you. Everything that is carved in the quick carve events will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.
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I see other tools being used besides chainsaws; what are they, and what do they do?
The contest is what we call an “anything goes” contest. That means the carvers can use any tool they want to complete the sculpture. You will see die grinders, dremels, sanders, drills, and torches. The artists must first block out their carving with a chainsaw, but the finish and detail work is accomplished with a variety of smaller hand tools.

I love this event and look forward to it every year. How can I get involved?
If you would like to be involved, contact Mark Bedard or Joe Mirvis with the Reedsport/Winchester Bay Chamber of Commerce and we will be glad to add you to a list of people we can count on when we need help. Putting on an event like this successfully takes a lot of time and effort and the more volunteers we have, the better the event!

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